Easy Bathroom Decor with a $15 Wall Hanging Fish Bowl?

Are you looking for a fun, unique way to decorate your bathroom with plants? This wall hanging fish bowl is really easy to install, plus it doesn’t take up valuable counter space!

Wall Hanging Fish Bowl for Bathroom Decor

In fact, this wall mounted bubble fish tank doubles as a vase for living plants. Therefore, you can decorate your bathroom with colorful foliage AND some aquatic pets.

How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Wall-Mounted Fish Bubble Aquariums:

Wall Fish Bowl PlanterI really like these fish bubble wall aquariums because you can hang them at eye level.

As a result, you can see the fish much better. Not to mention, the tank won’t clutter your countertop.

Also, the clear bubble wall aquarium design makes it easy to customize the look of your tank. For example, you can add colorful stone, water plants or create an underwater garden.

Match your aquarium pebbles or fish to the colors and decor of your washroom. Or, make your bubble wall mounted fish bowl a focal point in the space that stands out.

Note: These fish tank wall bubbles are surprisingly affordable (priced at only $15 for the large size). Therefore, some people decide to buy sets and arrange multiple fish bubbles together.

On the other hand, you can mount your wall bubble fish bowl next to a mirror. Consequently, the reflections gives the appearance of 2 fish bowls.

How to Hang Fish Wall Bubbles:

Hanging Fish Bowl on Secure Wall HookThis aquarium kit includes a wall anchor that makes the fish bowl easy to mount securely on the wall. Plus, if you insert a water plant into the vase, the leaves typically will cover the mounting hole and wall bracket.

Your wall hanging bubble fish tank will look like it’s coming out of the wall versus just hanging there. In other words, the floating aquarium looks really sophisticated, yet it has a super simple design.

You can easily remove the fish bubble aquarium from the wall anchor as needed. Therefore, cleaning takes minimal time and effort.

Wall Hanging Fish Bowl Specs:

Bubble wall fish tanks don’t have a water pump or require power. They also don’t have LED lights, so this small wall-mounted aquarium needs minimal maintenance.

Not to mention, the basic design keeps the cost cheap. Hence, you can afford to get colorful stones, fish and plants without breaking the budget.

Where to Buy Plants for Your Bubble Fish Tank:

Some people like to put marimo moss balls in their bathroom aquariums because they require little attention. They live underwater and will continue to grow without needing much light. Plus, they look pretty cool.

Marimo Moss Ball for Bathroom Aquariums and Wall Bubble Fish Bowls

Your local nursery is also a good spot to find water-loving houseplants that don’t require lots of light.

Plastic Aquarium Plants for Bubble Wall Fish TankAlthough you can grow real live plants in these bubble vases, you don’t have to.

In fact, you can find a variety of realistic-looking fake plants that don’t require any care.

In addition, you can get aquarium gravel in variety of colors.