Easy Decorating – with a Plant Shower Curtain Set

Do you want your bathroom to have a bright, tropical look – without having to put a lot of time or money into decorating? This unique plant shower curtain set comes with matching rugs and toilet seat cover, plus it all costs less than $50.

Plant Shower Curtain Set with Bath Mat, Toilet Seat Cover, & Rug

The package even includes shower curtain hooks! Just add green towels for a pop of color, an you’ve completely updated your bathroom with minimal effort.

Give Your Bathroom a Plant-Themed Look…
Without Having to Buy Live Plants:

Watercolor Print Plant Shower Curtain, Hang Washable

I like this artistic watercolor design because it provides lots of natural color without looking too dark. (If you have a small bathroom, using lighter colors can actually make it look larger.)

In addition, the opaque background on the curtain allows you to forgo a liner, thus saving you more money. =)

Plus, the shower curtain image is digitally-printed. As a result, it has better graphic quality and the picture will not fade over time.

In other words, the material will look good for a long time. Not to mention, you can hand wash it if needed.

Tip: By the way, this shower curtain only comes in one length. If you want a longer curtain, you can get cheap extenders (extension chains) to lengthen the material by about 9 inches without giving up privacy.

This simple trick can give your shower a more modern, upscale look, plus increase air flow. It’s an inexpensive way to avoid having to purchase more costly tall shower curtains.

The floor rugs have a plush, soft feel, and they have a no-slip backing. Therefore they stay in place and give you secure footing, even if your bathroom has a slippery floor.

Botanical Leaf Bath Mat

Moreover, the matching plant leaf seat cover transforms your toilet into a comfortable seat. (Functional and stylish at the same time!)

Note: The long, narrow shape of the floral bath mat lends itself well to smaller-sized bathrooms. Plus, the smaller rugs allow you to arrange the rugs in various ways.

Specs for the Plant Shower Curtain Set:

  • Curtain Dimensions: 70″ Long x 69″ Wide
  • Material/Fabric: 100% Waterproof Polyester
  • Color: Opaque White Background, Green Leaves
  • Curtain Includes 12 Hooks
  • Shower Curtain is Hand Washable
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Shower Curtain Set
  • Shower curtain size: 70″ L × 69″ W
  • Bath mat size: 31.5″ L × 19.7″ W
  • Toilet lid cover size: 16.5″ L × 14.6″ W
  • U-shaped rug size: 20″ L × 20″ W