Easy Decorating – with a Plant Shower Curtain Set

Do you want your bathroom to have a bright, tropical look – without having to put a lot of time or money into decorating? This unique plant shower curtain set comes with matching rugs and toilet seat cover, plus it all costs less than $50.

Plant Shower Curtain Set with Bath Mat, Toilet Seat Cover, & Rug

Winter Pine Trees Shower Curtain and Rug SetThe package even includes shower curtain hooks! Just add green towels for a pop of color, an you’ve completely updated your bathroom with minimal effort.

Decorating your bathroom like this with matching sets also provides an easy, inexpensive way to refresh the space throughout the year. For example, switch between wintertime and summertime looks

Give Your Bathroom a Plant-Themed Look…
Without Having to Buy Live Plants:

Watercolor Print Plant Shower Curtain, Hang WashableI like this artistic watercolor design because it provides lots of natural color without looking too dark. (If you have a small bathroom, using lighter colors can actually make it look larger.)

In addition, the opaque background on the curtain allows you to forgo a liner, thus saving you more money. =)

Plus, the shower curtain image is digitally-printed. As a result, it has better graphic quality and the picture will not fade over time.

In other words, the material will look good for a long time. Not to mention, you can hand wash it if needed.

Tip: By the way, this shower curtain only comes in one length. If you want a longer curtain, you can get cheap extenders (extension chains) to lengthen the material by about 9 inches without giving up privacy.

This simple trick can give your shower a more modern, upscale look, plus increase air flow. It’s an inexpensive way to avoid having to purchase more costly tall shower curtains.

The floor rugs have a plush, soft feel, and they have a no-slip backing. Therefore they stay in place and give you secure footing, even if your bathroom has a slippery floor.

Botanical Leaf Bath Mat

Moreover, the matching plant leaf seat cover transforms your toilet into a comfortable seat. (Functional and stylish at the same time!)

Note: The long, narrow shape of the floral bath mat lends itself well to smaller-sized bathrooms. Plus, the smaller rugs allow you to arrange the rugs in various ways.

Specs for the Plant Shower Curtain Set:

  • Curtain Dimensions: 70″ Long x 69″ Wide
  • Material/Fabric: 100% Waterproof Polyester
  • Color: Opaque White Background, Green Leaves
  • Curtain Includes 12 Hooks
  • Shower Curtain is Hand Washable
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Shower Curtain Set

Shower Curtain Set Dimensions

  • Shower curtain size: 70″ L × 69″ W
  • Bath mat size: 31.5″ L × 19.7″ W
  • Toilet lid cover size: 16.5″ L × 14.6″ W
  • U-shaped rug size: 20″ L × 20″ W