Outdoor Shower Kit (5 Reasons I Like This One Best)

Outdoor Shower in the Trees

Why bring plants into the bathroom when you can take your shower out into the trees, right? It may be easier than you think, with an assemble-yourself outdoor shower kit.

Simple Shower Install:

I like this outdoor shower because it doesn’t require complicated plumbing or construction. In fact, you simply hook it up to your garden hose.

Create Your Own Outdoor Spa:

The contemporary rainfall shower head along with the slatted wood “floor” make showering in the trees a luxurious experience. With minimal effort, you can create an outdoor “spa” where you feel at one with nature.

If you’ve ever showered outdoors while camping, you know that bathing in a sun shower or taking a dip in the river feels so clean and refreshing. That’s one of the reasons I love outdoor showers.

Outdoor Shower Kit

Get Clean Without Making a Mess in the House!

On the other hand, this outdoor shower kit works great for an after-pool rinse off. Do you live near the beach, a river or lake? Then this cheap outdoor shower is a must have.

In addition, showering outdoors provides a great way to cool off. (No pool needed!) Did you just get back from a long run, tough workout or spend the afternoon doing yard work? A refreshing outdoor shower might make you feel a whole lot better.

Need to wash the dog? Forget about getting your bathroom tub all hairy and dirty. Wash him outdoors (without having to hold a hose). He’ll probably like the outdoor shower better anyways. =)

Not to mention that outdoor showers just look cool.

5 Reasons I Like this Open-Air Shower Better:

1. First of all, the hardwood slatted looks attractive (like teak or bamboo), but it also is functional. For example, it prevents water from pooling at your feet. Additionally, you don’t have to stand directly on the ground, so you can keep your feet clean from dirt or gravel.

2. Second, the stand includes a handy shelf where you can leave a bar of soap or bottle of shampoo. Alternatively, it makes a convenient towel hook.

3. Third, this free-standing outdoor shower can set up anywhere a hose can reach. In other words, you don’t have to attach it to a wall or hang it from a tree. See: wall-mounted outdoor shower.

Wooden Outdoor Shower with Stainless Steel Pipes and Rainfall Shower Head

4. Fourth, you can connect this unit to your hot water system and use it for hot showers. What to shower year-round outdoors? No problem!

5. Fifth, you can switch out the universal shower head if you have a certain style you want to use.

Note: The shower height is fixed. However, it measures over 7 feet tall, so most people have plenty of showering space.

Specs for Outdoor Shower Kit:

  • Shower Height: 94.5″ Tall
  • Base Platform Dimensions: 32.8″ Deep x 31.5″ Wide
  • Frame Material: Indonesian Eucalyptus (sustainable, eco-friendly)
  • Shower Material: Stainless Steel Pipe, Plastic Shower Head
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Model #: AMZ9988DO
  • Assembly Required
  • Manufacturer: Southern Enterprises
  • Get the Shower Kit Here

Should You Get an Outdoor Solar Shower Instead?

Outdoor Solar Shower in Backyard

Alternatively, you could opt for an outdoor shower with solar heating built into it. It doesn’t have a solar panel, but instead has a black water storage tank that heats the water when placed in the sun.

Many people like showering in warmer water, especially without having to connect to a hot water system. However, a solar unit limits you as to where you can place your outdoor shower. Unless you don’t mind cold water, that is.

Tip: Several people suggest placing the attached garden hose in the sun as well. This enables more water to heat up, thus giving you longer warm shower time.

The 5.5-gallon cylindrical tank (inside the shower stand/post) provides a 4-5 minute shower. (You can also adjust the temperature of the shower water).

Outdoor Solar Shower Faucet Handle that Adjusts Temperature

Besides the solar aspect, this shower has a similar design to the model above. It comes with a base stand and connects to a garden hose for easy installation and set up.

Specs for the Outdoor Solar Shower:

  • Dimensions: 72″ Tall x 4″ Wide x 4″ Deep
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Universal Shower Head can be replaced. You can also adjust the position/direction.
  • Water Tank Holds 5.5 Gallons of Water
  • 2 Color Options: Choose from Black or Brown Wood Grain
  • Model #: NU1620
  • Brand: Great American Merchandise & Events
  • Get the Solar Shower Here

What About an Outdoor Shower Enclosure?

White Weather-Resistant Vinyl Outdoor Shower Stall for Privacy While Still Be Able to See Trees

If you want to shower amongst the trees, yet still want some privacy, you can get a shower enclosure kit. I like this Hampton style outdoor stall because can still see the sky and trees. In fact, you can trail vines along the upper trellis or plant trees right beside it.

The white, weather-resistant vinyl lasts a long time without requiring lots of maintenance. The door includes heavy-duty stainless steel hinges. Overall, this structure is really sturdy.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a DIY assemble-yourself project. Set aside an afternoon to put it together. This is as close to prefab as it gets, plus it requires a lot less work that trying to build an enclosure from scratch.

Of course, you could always string a shower curtain between 2 trees or 2 posts. That could look cool.