4 Unusual Benefits of Artificial Grass Bath Mats…

People agree that stepping out of a shower onto soft grass bath mats has a refreshing yet relaxing feeling. Not to mention… unexpected. Here are some other interesting facts that you may not know about switching out your regular bathroom rug for artificial grass.

Grass Bath Mat

Why Get an Artificial Grass Bath Mat?

Easy to Clean
Instead of throwing these mats in the washing machine, simply hose them down. Their high quality synthetic material doesn’t stain or absorb dirt, so you really don’t need to wash them at all. Talk about low maintenance!

Grass Bath Mat with Rubber Back

Extremely Durable
Artificial turf products can handle even the toughest outdoor elements. They come with drainage holes built-in and include a strong rubber backing. You don’t have to worry about them standing up to lots of use in a wet environment.

They Appear to be Real Grass
Well-made mats such as these will have longer grass blades (approximately 1 1/2″ long). This feature provides a more realistic look as well as a softer feel on your feet. The larger mats also incorporate 4 life-like tone variations in their rugs. Guests might actually think that you have a lawn growing in your bathroom (like this photo).

You Can Save Money!
Yes, these artificial grass rugs are long-lasting and require virtually no care. In addition, you can cut them to the exact size you want. No need to pay extra for a custom-size rug. In fact, you can cover the entire floor of a small bathroom if you want!

Faux Grass Rug Sizes:

Small Grass Mat for Bathroom by Tub or Shower

Smaller Artificial Grass Mats
This indoor-outdoor basic grass mat comes in 4 different sizes. The smallest size measures 24″ x 18″ and the largest is 24″ x 48″. Prices start at $20.

Large-Sized Grass Rugs
If you want a larger artificial grass rug for your bathroom, don’t worry. You can get them as large as 6’6″ x 10′ (and bigger!)

Note: Keep in mind that this artificial “turf” can be cut to size. Essentially, you can custom-size your rug. In fact, feel free to cut it into any shape you like.

If you want to get multiple imitation grass mats (ie. for the sink, tub, toilet, etc..), consider buying a larger faux grass rug. Then, cut it into the sizes that you need. This strategy can end up saving you money when compared to purchasing several smaller mats.

Downsides of Grass Rugs in Bathrooms?

  • Too Waterproof?
    Of course, the materials in these mats are waterproof. In addition, they are designed to drain well. For those reasons, these mats don’t absorb water. Therefore, you might want to consider placing a hand towel discreetly underneath your faux grass mat if you find excess water on your floor.

  • Do You Have a Cat?
    Cats have been known to enjoy sleeping on these faux grass mats. Just watch where you step when you get out of the shower. On the other hand, maybe it’s better to get 2.

More Ways to Use an Artificial Grass Mat in a Bathroom?

Artificial turf is not just for miniature golf parks anymore. Houzz shares some upscale designs using this functional, yet decorative, material that is growing in popularity.

Grass on Walls

Vertical Garden with Artificial Plants Around Bathroom Mirror
courtesy of nytimes.com

For example, do you have a plain or ugly wall that you don’t know how to decorate? An artificial turf rug can easily solve your problem. Simply cut it to the size you need, staple the material to the wall and you’re done!

You get a very unique and green living wall in a matter of minutes. Plus, plastic grass has no problem standing up to the moisture in a bathroom.

Alternatively, stick faux grass mats on an accent wall surrounding your mirror or doorway. You need less turf, but you can still take advantage of the impressive decorating effect.

Artificial Grass PillowGrass Decor

On the other hand, you can easily cut a fake grass mat to size using a pair of scissors or gardening shears.

Do you have a stool, chair or side table in your bathroom? Hello! Turn ordinary furniture into interesting fake grass decor (without spending a lot of money)!

I could go on, but you get the idea – just have fun with your plastic grass!