Create a Jungle Bathroom with …a Shower Curtain?

Tropical Jungle Shower Curtain with River

You can completely transform your washroom into a “jungle bathroom” with a jungle-themed wall mural and jungle shower curtain. Showering will never be the same again!

When compared to other bath remodeling projects, this one is very inexpensive. For example, you can get a matching jungle mural and shower curtain combo for between $200 and $600 (depending on your wall size).

Not to mention, this DIY upgrade is fast and extremely simple to do (even for a novice).

That said, don’t choose a super cheap wallpaper. Well, unless you want to. In general, the image quality lacks. When you want an photo to cover an entire wall, invest a little more.

A realistic photo-image wall can be so impressive that it will distract you from any other imperfections that your bathroom may have. Plus, you can save money not having to buy other tropical-themed decor that is not nearly as impactful.

Jungle Bathroom: Wall Mural Behind Bath Tub
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Tropical Wall Murals… for a Jungle Bathroom:

The wall murals below are high quality and well-made. In addition, they have a matte finish which enhances the extremely vibrant colors and reduces any glare.

You have the option to get any of them in an easy-to-install, peel-and-stick vinyl, fabric or pre-pasted wallpaper. All of which are easy to remove as well.

You can custom-size them to any dimension you want. I love this money-saving feature because you don’t need to pay for a giant mural if you are only covering half of a wall.

Jungle Shower Curtains to Match

Bamboo Forest Image Shower Curtain

Bamboo and palm tree shower curtains are not nearly as breathtaking as wall murals. However, they can help you finish off the look of your jungle bathroom without costing a lot of money. Furthermore, they take minutes to hang.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend time or money installing a wall mural, you can opt for the curtain alone. If you have a small bathroom, a shower curtain can actually make a big impact. These run about $30-50.

Keep in mind when remodeling the rest of your washroom, don’t overdo it. Green towels and bathmats can look great, but too many tropical rainforest accessories can detract from the amazing-ness of the wall mural…