Mkono Air Plant Frame Review [ & DIY Air Plant Planter ]

How to Display Air Plants in a Bathroom with an Air Plant Frame

Displaying plants in bathrooms can be a little tricky because you don’t usually have much space to work with. In addition, low light can cause an issue. That’s why I love air plants, and this Mkono air plant frame enables plants to more easily absorb water, sunlight and air.

Not to mention, this wood and wire frame creates an easy way to display your plants while keeping them healthy.

Plus, these unique-looking plants can double as attractive wall art while they require minimal care to maintain.

Where Should You Hang Your Tillandsia Air Plant Frame?

You can hang this “open air” frame on a wall by the vanity, in the shower or above the toilet.

In addition, you can place it on a shelf, display it in a window or hang it from the ceiling.

Open Air Planter for Tillandsia Air Plants Made of Wooden Frame and Wire Support

Because the wooden frame itself only weighs about 2 lbs, you have lots of versatility as far as where you hang it. In other words, you don’t need to drill into a support beam.

In low-light bathrooms, you may want to hang your planter near a window or near a mirror that reflects light.

Or, if you have empty wall space where you want to add decor, use your tillandsia planter frame as 3-dimensional wall art.

Note: Do you like the idea of turning your bathroom into a jungle? Take a couple of these large air plant frames, add tillandsia and hang one in the shower and the other by a mirror.

This way, you get to enjoy greenery while you are showering. Plus, the mirror instantly doubles the size of your other planter, making 1 look like 2!

Mkono Air Plant Framefor Tillandsia Air Plants in Bathroom

Specs for Mkono Air Plant Frame:

These kits come in 2 different sizes: square and rectangular.

  • Small Frame: 7.9″ Square x 1.8″ Thick
  • Large Frame: 16″ Tall x 11″ Wide
  • Wire Grid Dimensions: 1″ x 1″
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Material: Fir Wood with “Teak” Finish, Wire
  • Plants Not Included in Kit
  • Get 10 Air Plants Here
  • Brand: Mkono
  • Get the Hanging Plant Frame Here

How to Make Your Own Wooden Display Frame for Air Plants:

Alternatively, you can make your own air plant wall display using an old picture frame and some chicken wire. You may also need some wood pieces, paint and wire to complete your DIY air plant frame, as shown in the “how-to” video below.


Compared to buying a pre-made air plant frame, making your own allows you to customize the size, shape and style. Not to mention, you can often save some money without expending very much effort.

Tillandsia Air Plant Decorating Ideas in the Bathroom
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Plus, if you grow enough tillandsia in your “planter”, you may not really notice the frame underneath all of the foliage.

Check out the photo of this happening on the left. (Yet, another reason to invest in more greenery than the frame itself, right?)

If you want more ideas on displaying air plants in your bathroom, check out this page on tillandsia air plants.

For example, hanging them in the shower, from the ceiling and in uniquely-designed planters.

More Decorating Ideas for Air Plant Frames:

Tillandsia air plants require minimal care, since they absorb water from the surrounding air. Therefore, they can make the perfect housewarming gift, especially for people who don’t want to spend time taking care of house plants.

Vertical Air Plant Frame Can Be Wall Mounted, Hung from Ceiling or Placed on a Shelf

Plus, these vertical planters take up minimal space, and you can easy move them because they are so lightweight.

These living flower arrangements make great office and holiday gifts for business associates or those who are hard to shop for. Not only do they look interesting and unique, but their appearance will also change and evolve as they grow.

Note: Air plant arrangements have yet another cool feature. You can add new plants to the planter frame without having to dig a hole in the dirt or remove another plant.

Therefore, you can change up the look of your air plant frame throughout the year or whenever you come across a new tillandsia that you want to add to your collecton. =)