The Easy Way to Add a Living Wall in a Bathroom…

How to Make Your Own Indoor Living Wall with Artificial Fern and Boxwood Plant Panels

Vertical gardens and living walls add a level of sophistication to any home. They can create a natural feel, add life to a space and even conceal wall imperfections.

There’s a problem, though. Adding an indoor vertical garden to your home can get expensive, not to mention turn into a high maintenance project.

And how do you make a living wall anyways? It’s actually easier than I thought… because you can use artificial greenery that looks real – and it’s low maintenance too!

An Indoor Living Wall Solution:

However, I’ve found the perfect solution for adding a living wall to a bathroom – easily and inexpensively!

This modern, designer look is impressive, especially when you consider the low cost and effort to install it. This is my kind of DIY home improvement project!

Why I Like Living Wall Panels in Bathrooms:

1. You Can Install Plant Panels Quickly.

Small jobs can be completed in under an hour, larger jobs in an afternoon. Probably less. You don’t need to buy or rent expensive power tools. Simply use a staple gun to attach the panels to the wall. The lush green boxwood and fern foliage completely covers that staples, so you never see them!

Living Wall Panel Kit with Fern and Boxwood to Create a Faux Vertical Garden with Artificial Plants in Your Bathroom
Note: Kit does not include branches or full fern plants as seen in above photo. Get Silk Ferns Here.

2. Living Walls Require No Water.

Artificial plants provide the BIG benefit of being low maintenance. No bug-attracting soil. No weekly watering, dripping and spilling. Once installed, these “living” walls need minimal upkeep – just an occasional dusting if needed.

3. Vertical Gardens are Ideal for Small Spaces.

Faux Topiary High Density, Multi-Plant Hedge Panel for Decorating Walls

Typically, bathrooms don’t offer lots of extra space for home decor pieces. With plants on walls, you don’t have to give up shelf space, counter space or floor space.

Add lots of stunning decor without cluttering up your bathroom. (Allow 2″ depth for foliage to stick out from wall).

4. This Bathroom Makeover Projects Doesn’t Cost $1,000’s.

From what I’ve seen, most large indoor gardens (faux or live) cost upwards of $1,500. Plus, that does not include shipping or installation expenses.

This DIY decorating project can save you a ton of money. Furthermore, you can do it yourself without having to hire a contractor. Check out Fern Panels Here.

Bathroom Living Wall Decorating Ideas

Living Wall with Faux Plants Above Bathtub
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You can create a small framed vertical garden, create a backdrop to a bathroom mirror or cover an accent wall or entire wall with foliage.

The size and shape of your green wall is up to you. By using these smaller square sections, making your own custom grass wall just became a lot easier.

These artificial plant panels are small (20″ x 20″), so they are easy to install and cut to size. In addition, a boxwood and fern panel kit covering 16 square feet only weighs 9 lbs.

Add texture and interest to a wall instead of paint, wallpaper or wall art. In some cases, it can actually take less time and work.

How to Save Money…

Vertical Garden with Artificial Plants Around Bathroom Mirror
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A cheaper option is the artificial boxwood hedge panels. They do not include fern foliage but instead just boxwood plants with a few small white flowers.

They provide an impressive amount of color variation but not as much variety in texture. If you have a large wall to cover, this alternative can save you a bunch of money.

TIP: Although not necessary, I’d suggest painting the plant wall (behind the plants) green to add some extra depth to the appearance of your “planting”. Of course, you can temporarily assemble your panels on the wall before you make a final decision.

The leaves themselves provide plenty of coverage, as you can see. They even extend past the edges of each panel.