Why is a Marimo Moss Ball the Perfect Bathroom Plant?

Marimo Moss Ball in Bathroom Fish Tank

Whether you consider it a plant or pet, the Marimo Moss Ball requires minimal care and makes a low-maintenance plant or pet.

What is a Marimo Moss Ball?

A Marimo is an unusual species of filamentous green algae. It grows in the form of a round ball, not typically seen in this type of plant. Although not common, they naturally live in a certain number of lakes in the northern hemisphere and often grow in groups.

In folklore, the Marimo represents love. Some people consider them good luck charms as well. However, many people purchase these Japanese moss balls simply because they are intriguing to look at and easy to care for.

These Marimos measure approximately 1.18″ in diameter. The green algae covering is very dense. They grow slowly over time and can live over 100 years.

You can even cut the moss ball into smaller sections and each piece will grow into a new Marimo!

How to Care for a Marimo:

Marimos can comfortably live and grow in clean freshwater (room temperature). In addition, they don’t require food nor natural light. For this reason, these living organisms work well in bathrooms.

You don’t have to be a green thumb gardener to successfully cultivate and display a beautiful, lush Marimo. Impress houseguests and friends with this unique living creature with virtually no effort. Plus, they cost less than $6 apiece!

In the video below, Wendi Pha explains how to care for them and keep them clean:


Change their water weekly and check to make sure that the water temperature does not get too warm or too cold. Stick them in a fish tank or create your own underwater terrarium where the Marimo is the feature.

You can even grow Marimos in a small glass jar, vase or glass goblet. Since they don’t take up a lot of space, they make perfect plants for bathrooms. By the way, Pinterest has several ideas on ways that you can display them.

By the way, when used in fishtanks, the moss balls improve the water quality by generating oxygen and removing nitrates.

Living Algae Marimo Moss Balls Water Plants


Pistils Nursery says that a floating marimo simply means that it contains an air bubble. Just squeeze the ball to release the air bubble.

If you find your algae ball turning brown, the water temperature may be too warm. Move the marimo out of direct sunlight and to an area where the water will stay a cooler temperature.