Best Plants for Bathroom Decor…

When it comes to “survival”, the best plants for the bathroom are essentially the same ones that make the best houseplants. They can survive in warmer, drier climates and can also withstand low-light environments. In addition, check out some realistic faux plant options from Nearly Natural.

Best Bathroom Plants that Don't Require a Lot of Space - Because You Can Hang Them Up.

However, most bathrooms are small or have limited counter/floor space on which to keep plants. Good thing we have ceilings, right? You can hang up your bathroom plants where you can enjoy them more, and they won’t fell cluttered either. =)

As you’d expect these varieties also require minimal maintenance. Thus, the more likely they are to live, grow and even thrive.

Easy-to-Grow Houseplants May Be Best Plants for Bathrooms

11 Low Maintenance Houseplants = Best Plants for Bathroom
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In fact, placing houseplants in a bathroom provides them with more moisture and maybe even increased air circulation. The added humidity and moving air can help them grow better, and without any extra effort on your part. =)

Plus, their ability to absorb moisture from a steamy, damp environment can likewise improve the health of your bathroom.

By the way, if you are looking for houseplants that improve indoor air quality by cleaning the air, check out these 7 plants. Air-cleaning plants work at purifying the air and filtering bathroom toxins like spray cleaners.

Bathroom-Friendly Plants are Space Savers!

Many people have small bathrooms. You simply can’t find extra counter, shelf or floor space to put a potted plant.

Even if you have a larger space, you may not want to clutter it with plants.

Bathrooms generally focus more on function. At least, that’s what we think about in the morning when we are rushing to get out the door to work, right?

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In this respect, hanging plants are the best plants for bathrooms. Think spider plants, ferns and Golden Pothos. They don’t take up valuable storage space, and we don’t have to worry about tripping over them.

Consider hanging them above the shower or tub, next to a window or in a mirrored corner.

Artificial Plants May Be the Best Plants to Put in Bathrooms…

Boston Faux Fern (silk) in Wicker Decorative Basket

Even though some houseplants don’t need a lot of care, a window-less bathroom may not be the ideal spot for living greenery. In this case, artificial foliage may be the best type of plant in your bathroom design.

Now don’t turn your nose up just yet. Some faux plants can look surprisingly attractive and realistic-looking. For example, check out these living walls made with faux plant wall panels.

Plus, once you’ve experienced the “beauty” of a no-maintenance fern or philodendron, you may get hooked. And one of the best place I have found to buy artificial varieties turns out to be Amazon.

In fact, you can find virtually any kind of faux greenery that you want. This includes climbing and trailing plants or hanging vines that look beautiful in wall planters and double as wall art at the same time. (Bonus!)

“Not only can you shower and bathe in a lush, green environment, but you can sleep better at night knowing that you didn’t forget to water the plants…”