Forest Bathing – in Your Own Bathroom? 3 DIY Ideas!

Photographic-image shower curtains typically cost less than $50. (See 3 specific ideas below!) They also cover a lot of space, especially in a smaller-sized bathroom. Essentially, these shower curtains can take the place of a forest wall mural, but they cost significantly less and take less time and effort to install.

Bathroom with Palm Trees

Next, combine your large forest backdrop with a 3-dimensional 6-foot tree. Set it up behind or beside your shower or tub, and you can quickly and easily create a relaxing forest bathing experience in your own bathroom.

Shower Surrounded by Palm Trees

The right silk tree can be surprisingly realistic looking while requiring minimal (or no) maintenance at the same time. They are lightweight, easy to move and don’t get dirt all over your floor.

The key is to look for a taller tree (6 feet or taller, depending on your ceiling height). A single tree can have even more impact than 4 or 5 potted plants while costing less and taking up less floor, counter and shelf space.

Select a type that has branches toward the upper section of the tree and few or no off-shoots from the lower trunk of the tree. This way, you can enjoy lots of foliage without cluttering up valuable bathroom space.

What’s the Cost to Create Your Own Bathroom Forest?

The Good News: It can be pretty cheap!

Of course, this depends on (1) how much space you want to decorate and (2) how much foliage you want to use. That said, most people can easily transform their bathroom into a miniature forest for under $200.

As I mentioned above, you can get a really cool forest or jungle shower curtain for under $50. Then, add a tall artificial palm, ficus or bamboo tree. You can usually find quality 6′ trees for between $80 and $180.

3 DIY Forest Bathing Ideas…

Combine a forest or jungle shower curtain with an artificial tree, and you are well on your way to creating your own forest bathing experience. And, you never have to leave your bathroom!

Create Your Own Forest Bathing Experience with a Jungle Forest Shower Curtain with Palm Tree
Jungle Forest Shower Curtain + Kentia Palm Tree
Bamboo Tree Shower Curtain with Artificial Bamboo Tree Turns Bathroom into Relaxing Tropical Jungle
Bamboo Tree Shower Curtain + Bamboo Tree Cluster
Turn Your Bathroom into a Forest with a Shower Curtain with Trees, Creek + Artificial Ficus Tree
Zen Forest Shower Curtain + Artificial Ficus Tree
Bathroom with Wall of Palm Trees and Plants

If you have the space, adding multiple trees and/or plants can enhance your showering experience. It can also amplify the outdoor feel of your bathroom.

Also consider painting one wall green, adding a grass-like bath mat and matching towels. These can be inexpensive accessories yet transform a room simply through the addition of color.

You could even go as far as getting indoor-outdoor artificial turf. Not only does this serve the purpose of a bath mat, but it enriches the forest-like feel of the space.

Plus, compared to installing new flooring, this is a bargain!