Succulents Shower Curtain – How to Upgrade a Bathroom

Do you want to create a succulent-themed bathroom? You can start with a room-transforming succulents shower curtain without spending a lot of money.

Shower Curtain with Succulents

Then, add a few plants, a matching bathmat and a few towels. You can really brighten and upgrade the look of your bathroom in under an hour. Plus, this is a fun project!

Succulents Shower Curtain #1:

I like this particular shower curtain because it has a white background on the top. Therefore, the material allows light into the shower while also providing privacy.

Shower Curtain with SucculentsIn addition, the watercolor style succulents feature a variety of colors and shades. Therefore, you can more easily match towels and accessories to the curtain.

Furthermore, this shower curtain is 100% polyester, so it repels water and is easy to clean. Not to mention, the waterproof material means that you can save more money by not having to buy an additional liner.

This package also includes plastic rings that are simple to attach and slide easily. The plastic rings are nothing fancy, but they can save you more money.

And lastly, you can choose from 3 different curtain sizes, including extra long.

Set of 4 Faux Succulent Plants in Stone-Look PostsNote: You can get a set of about 4-5 small succulent plants for about $20, live or faux. However, the artificial variety typically include flower pots, so you can save some money if you don’t care about having living plants.

Also, take note of planter sizes when shopping for faux succulents. Many come in very small 2.5″ diameter pots, but sometimes you can find larger plants in 3.5″ diameter containers for the same price!

#2 & 3 Shower Curtain with Succulents:

Next, I found a shower curtain with a collage of succulents. It has virtually the same features of the curtain above, however it has floor-to-ceiling color.

Succulent Themed Shower Curtain

You may like this version better if you want to add more color to your bathroom. Plus, it has larger-than-life images that can look impressive.

The picture also incorporates shades of pink, so you don’t necessarily need to choose green bath accessories to match.

Colorful Succulents Shower CurtainYou can buy a brighter version instead. Plus, the plants stand out more due to their white background.

Note: By the way, you can put these shower curtains in the washing machine. That said, you may never need to because their waterproof fabric resists mold and water beads up on the surface.

Shower Curtain Sizes:

  • 60″ Wide x 72″ Long
  • 72″ Wide x 72″ Long
  • 72″ Wide x 78″ Long

Succulent Shower Curtain #4:

Lastly, this succulent image reminds me of a cactus in the Southwest. So, if you like desert-style decor, this may be the shower curtain for you.

Succulent Shower Curtain

This up-close high resolution image shows a lot more texture and color detailing. In fact, some people use photographic shower curtains as wall art, like tapestries or murals.

Cactus Wall Hooks for Bathroom TowelsNote: Speaking of desert bathroom accessories, I couldn’t resist showing you these cactus wall hooks for towels. Very cool looking, functional and they only cost about $15 for a set of 3. (Plus, they come in different colors.)