Jungle Shower Curtain Decorating Tips

What’s easiest way to turn a bathroom into a jungle? You guessed it: a jungle shower curtain. You don’t need any tools or skills to complete the task, and you can usually get the job in under 10 minutes.

On top of that, this small remodeling project only costs about $30-40. Check out these popular jungle shower curtains below:

Whether you are looking for rainforest images, bamboo forests, waterfalls or palm tree shower curtains, you can find them. In addition, they come in several different lengths:

  • 70″ tall
  • 75″ tall
  • 84″ tall

Decorating Tips for Shower Curtains…

You don’t need liners with many of the jungle-image shower curtains. That said, many people with tubs prefer having a liner to hang inside the tub while the curtain hangs outside the tub.

Make the Room Look Bigger…

Tropical Shower CurtainThis way, you get to view the entire jungle scene, and it can make a bigger impact on the room. Furthermore, you can implement the “designer strategy”…

Simply use the tallest size curtain and create a floor-to-ceiling effect to draw the eye upwards. Hence, this method makes the ceiling look higher and the room look larger.

Basically, you can turn an average-looking bathroom into one that looks more higher-end. No construction needed.

Double Your Jungle Scenery?

Alternatively, you can make a small bathroom look bigger is to add a large mirror. Another benefit to doing this (or already having a large mirror) is that it reflects the jungle image on the curtain, giving it a bigger impact on the room.

Add even more jungle to your bathroom with a matching jungle wall mural. Green bathmats, towels and wall paint can make the room look finished, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

How to Create a Wall Mural…

If you want to bring the outdoor feeling indoor, why stop at the bathroom. Check out this page for a neat way to turn your shower curtain into a giant wall mural for under $50.