3 Easy Decorating Ideas for a Mini Bathtub Planter

Do you want a mini bathtub planter for your bathroom? We have a few ideas, plus how to decorate with live succulents, faux plants or even soap and hand towels.

Mini Bathtub Planter with Vintage Claw Feet

1. Miniature Vintage Clawfoot Tub Planter:

This small bathtub has antique-looking distressed enamel along with 4 gold claw feet. The aged finish make it look like a collector’s item, and no one would ever suspect that you bought it online for only $25.

Actually, this mini clawfoot tub is not so small. In fact, it measures almost 1 1/2 feet in length and over 1 foot in height (including the faucet).

Faux Fern Branches for Creating Floral ArrangementsTherefore, you can easily grow a couple of plants in 6″ pots or add faux fern greenery or other silk plants. Easily create a unique arrangement using floral foam bricks to keep all of the foliage neatly in place.

Alternatively, the tub can hold a few hand towels, soap or other toiletries. Place it on a bathroom counter by the sink or on top of a cabinet as a decorative accent.

Miniature Tub Planter with Flat Back SideNote: The tub has a flat backside, which enables you to push the planter flush against a wall. Plus, you can even hang it on a wall to save counter space. Of course, the tub stands on its own too.

Specs for Mini Bathtub Planter:

2. Bathtub Planter Set:

You can also get distressed-style mini bathtubs as a set. These bathtub planters are even larger that the previous tub, so you can use them for larger plants or bath towels.

Vintage Bathtub Planters for Soap, Hand Towels or Plants

This bathroom decor not only adds style to your space, but provides valuable storage at the same time. It fit particularly well in homes with rustic, shabby chic or farmhouse style decor.

Note: These enamel bathtubs don’t have drain holes, which can be advantageous when used indoors. However, keep this in mind if you need drainage.

Specs for the Vintage Bathtub Planters:

3. Mini Clawfoot Tub for Succulents:

If you only have space for a really tiny bathtub, you may like ceramic French country planter below. At only 9 inches long, it can fit in the palm of your hand. (It also comes in an even smaller 6 inch size!)

Miniature Clawfoot Tub Planter for Bathroom Decorating

Plant a small cactus or succulent in this mini tub – or use it as a soap dish. It still has that classic vintage style, yet it can fit on a windowsill or a small bathroom vanity.

Faux Succulents to Plan in Miniature Claw Foot BathtubThis model does have a drainage hole in the base. However, you can keep your gardening really low maintenance buy planting artificial succulents that looks real. Then, just add some decorative river pebbles to fill the tub.

Specs for the Clawfoot Tub Planter: