Bamboo Shower Curtains for $20-$40

Shower in a Bamboo Forest with a Bamboo Shower Curtain

Turn your bathroom into a tropical bamboo forest with a simple bamboo print shower curtain!

I love these curtains because they provide a quick and easy way to freshen up a bathroom. Because they are so much larger than small accessories, they can really make an impact.

Green-Painted Bathrooom Wall with Bamboo Shower Curtain
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TIP: When hanging a tropical or jungle-themed curtain in the bathroom, consider paint. I have found that painting one wall a shade of green can completely transform the space.

This can be a small accent wall. A quart of basic interior semi gloss paint typically runs between $10 and $15, and most times that is more than enough.

Bamboo Shower Curtain Sizes:

You can choose from a variety of lengths, so if you need a longer size, you can get it.

TIP: In addition, you can use a tall curtain in a short shower to make the room look larger (Plus the vertical lines in the shower curtain also help to increase the perception of size and height). This is a simple trick that I use in small bathrooms, and it really works!

  • Regular: 69″ wide x 70″ tall
  • Taller: 69″ wide x 75″ tall
  • Tallest: 69″ wide x 84″ tall

Some More Cool Features:

By the way, you can throw these waterproof polyester curtains in your washing machine. They won’t fade and will keep their vibrant colors. That said, you probably will not need to because they resist mold and mildew.

And, because they are waterproof, you don’t need to buy a liner (unless you want to). Just in case you are wondering, this bamboo curtain does not have pvc, peva, vinyl or voc’s.

The package includes curtain rings, but they are nothing fancy. If you want some that are a little nicer, I found some nicer rings that only cost about $6.