Tillandsia Air Plant Decorating Ideas in the Bathroom

Tillandsia Air Plant Decorating Ideas in the Bathroom
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Air plants typically do very well in bathrooms because of the humidity.

Since they absorb moisture from the surrounding air, you are essentially watering them every time you take a shower. =)

If you want a low-maintenance houseplant that looks cool but isn’t “needy”, the Tillandsia is your type of plant!

Here’s how to decorate with them in your bathroom…

1. Frame Air Plants on a Wall…

The photo on the left shows a simple wood frame surrounding a wire mesh screen, which holds the decorative plants.

If you have wood and chicken wire laying around at home, you can easily build on yourself. On the other hand, you can buy a pre-made wire frame online for only about $15.

Tillandsia air plants make great wall decorations. As you can see, you can create a unique vertical garden with minimal effort and cost. Plus, you don’t need any soil!

Air Plants for Bathroom:

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2. Stick Tillandsia Air Plants in the Shower…

The easiest way to grow Tillandsia in the shower is to use wall suction cups. These non-permanent wall hangers are inexpensive and easy to use. (Get the clear kind so that you don’t even see them!)

Some people mount the plants to wall hooks by glueing them, pinning them, hanging them with nylon fishing line or clipping them.

3. Hang Air Plants from the Bathroom Ceiling

Hanging Air Plant Holders for the Bathroom

In addition, you can easily hang them from the ceiling, a shelf or a shower rod because they are small and lightweight. Use clear fishing line to create a “floating” look.

Alternatively, you can use hanging air plant holders. You will typically see them in groupings of 3 or 5 or more due to the fact that most are quite small in size.

And More Ways to Display the Tillandsia Air Plant in Bathrooms:

Of course, you can also plant Tillandsia in terrariums, shells, pots, vases, etc.. Virtually any surface will work. I’ve even seen bathroom mirror “frame” created with air plants.

How to Take Care of Air Plants in Your Bathroom

Tillandsia takes in water and nutrients through its leaves. Plant experts generally recommend watering them once a week by submerging them in water for about an hour. More information here.

However, in more humid environments like a bathroom, air plants will require less maintenance. In fact, plants in the shower may not need any additional care.

You can also try using a spray bottle to mist the leaves without removing the plants from their planters. I find this method much easier.

The following video demonstrates the water submersion method:

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Do You Need to Feed Air Plants?

Air plants require minimal maintenance, and you don’t need to buy them special food or fertilizer. However, you can enhance their blooms with an $8 spray bottle of specially-formulated tillandsia plant food.

If you keep your air plants in terrariums, consider using misting them with fertilizer. Living in a more confined space, they can’t access free-flowing air and nutrients like they would outside their planter.

Keep in mind that air plants only bloom once. After blooming, they typically send out 1-3 “pups”, which can then be separated and transplanted to grow into their own plants. The mother will then die. Air plant lifespan will depend on the species.

Tillandsia Air Plant Species:

  • Tillandsia Stricta
    This type of air plant can grow in a variety of different climates, including in sand.
  • Tillandsia Aeranthos
    This plant is relatively common and consistently produces vibrant colorful blooms every spring.
  • Tillandsia Ionantha
    One of the more popular types and known as the Mexican blooming tillandsia. Bloom pink and purple.
  • Tillandsia Bulbosa
    This unique air plant features tentacle-like legs that make it look more like a small animal than a plant.
  • Tillandsia Cyanea
    If you want a giant air plant, like the cyanea (or Pink Quill Plant), get ready to plant it in soil. This exotic houseplant grows very well indoors and with indirect sunlight and shoots off what looks like a giant pink quill when it blooms

Interesting Fact: Giant airplants (or tillandsia utriculata) are actually rare and endangered. They can be found in Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America. In the wild, their lifespan can last up to 20 years.

Jellyfish Air Plants for Beach-Themed Bathrooms…

Jellyfish Air Plants Hanging from Bathroom Ceiling with Clear Fishing Line

In addition, you can also buy “Jellyfish Air Plants” on Amazon. These cute little creatures hang upside down out of a sea urchin shell and look like miniature jellyfish. Thus, the name.

If you have an ocean or beach-themed bathroom, these unique plants will fit in perfectly. Simply hang them from the ceiling or a wall shelf. They will take up virtually no space, yet they will add lots of character to the room. (Sure to please your guests too, like Marimo moss balls!)