Bonsai Money Tree – One of the Best Bathroom Plants?

In feng shui, bonsai Money Tree Plants are known for attracting wealth. In addition, they symbolize good luck.

Why is the Bonsai Money Tree One of the Best Bathroom Plants?

However, people also like them as houseplants because they are extremely easy to care for. They don’t require much light, and they usually do just fine if you miss a watering. They actually tolerate both overwatering and under-watering quite well.

Furthermore, Money Trees are native to tropical wetlands in Central and South America. Therefore, they thrive in humid environments.

For these reasons, smaller Bonsai Money Trees make great bathroom plants. They will do fine in low light conditions, they appreciate the humidity plus they don’t take up a lot of space.

How to Care for a Bonsai Money Tree:

3 Money Tree Bonsai Plants with Braided StemsYour bonsai Money Tree will let you know when it needs water because its leaves will dry and crinkle. On the other hand, if you have watered it too much, the leaves will yellow.

The Bonsai Tree Gardener says that the more water you give it, the larger the leaves will grow. Therefore, in order to keep smaller bonsai-style leaves, minimize watering.

In addition, they recommend feeding your plant with bonsai fertilizer between March and October.

How to Trim Your Bonsai and
…Make More Plants!

Your Money Tree will grow, sometimes quite quickly. In the wild, these plants can actually grow taller than 50 feet! Therefore, in order to maintain its bonsai shape, you will need to prune it.

However, this task is easy and requires no special skills. This is yet another reason to love these houseplants.

The video below shows you how to trim your Money Tree for optimal growth. Plus, you learn how to take your new cuttings and propagate them into more new money trees!

9GreenBox sells live 10″-12″ Money Tree Bonsai plants. Each plant comes in a ceramic pot about 4″ deep, and the plant has an exotic braided stem.