Grow Plants in the Shower? Suction Cup Air Plant Holders!

Suction Cup Air Plant Holder for Bathrooms, Showers, Mirrors, etc..

Do you want an easy, low maintenance way to grow plants in your shower? Why not try Tillandsia and use suction cup air plant holders!

Tillandsia Make the Perfect Plants for Bathrooms:

Tillandsia, known as “air plants”, drink their water from the air rather than through soil. Consequently, bathrooms provide the perfect moist environment for them to thrive.

As a result, you don’t have to continually water them, fertilize them or provide proper drainage. In other words, these self-sufficient plants virtually take care of themselves.

Growing Air Plants in the Shower with Suction Cup Planters

Furthermore, since Tillandsia don’t require pots, you don’t need to have a shelf or window sill in your bathroom. Nor do you need to install a hanging planter.

How to Install Suction Cup Planters:

Instead, you can simply get suction cup planters and stick them on the wall of your shower. These non-permanent plant holders install in seconds, plus you can move them whenever you want.

Not to mention, you don’t have to drill holes, install hooks or build shelves.

Suction cups adhere to smooth, flat surfaces, such as glass, mirrors or tile. For better adhesion, soak the planters in water for a few minutes before sticking to a wall.

Note: These unique planting containers allow the plants to get adequate ventilation, water and light. At the same time, their minimalistic design appears virtually invisible. Therefore, it can look like you have plants growing right out of your tiles!

Specs for Suction Cup Air Plant Holders:

  • Dimensions: 1.2″(out from wall)
  • Planter Ring Size: 0.9″ Diameter
  • Suction Cup Weight: 3.2 Ounces
  • Each Planter Holds a 1″ Tillandsia
  • 25 Pieces in Kit
  • Where to Buy Suction Cup Wall Planters

As you have probably already figured out you can arrange 12 plants in a variety of different ways. For example, you can plant them all in your shower or you can stick some in the shower and some on your mirror, etc..

Not sure where to get Tillandsia? I’ve found a resource below. In fact, you can get a variety pack of 12 plants to match the number of suction cups exactly. =)

Where to Buy Air Plants for Your Shower…

Air Plant Variety Pack for Growing Tillansia Plants in Bathrooms

This variety pack includes 12 live air plants in several different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you can create a unique-looking arrangement without having to buy a bunch of different species separately.

In addition, this package comes with a bonus mister, which you may not even need. (Tillandsia International has more information on plant care) That said, spray bottles always come in handy for personal care products, bathroom cleaners and more…

This kit contains some larger more mature plants, which are more established and require less care. However, some varieties have larger bases and may not fit into the suction cup rings.

Note: Customers simply use wire or similar tie material to attach them to the ring to solve this issue. Tillandsia typically grow very slowly, so you don’t need to worry about them outgrowing their new homes.

That said, you can easily move and rearrange your air plants or buy more kits to build a larger shower garden.