Green Leaf Shower Curtain Decorating Ideas [What to Do]

Leaf-print shower curtains provide a way of adding greenery to your bathroom without having to buy living plants. They can be subtle and relaxing or bold and bright.

Green Leaf Shower Curtain with Green and Brown Ivy Vines

They look particularly good in white-walled bathrooms and add to the natural appearance of wood plank floors. In addition, you can easily add matching green and brown accessories to pull together a designer look without much effort.

What I Like About this Leaf-Patterned Shower Curtain:

I especially like the leaf print above because the color fades towards the top of the curtain. Therefore, you get a more subtle, sophisticated design and the pattern doesn’t appear so busy at eye level. (Busy prints tend to make small rooms look even smaller.)

Waterproof Polyester Green Leaf Fabric on Shower CurtainFurthermore, this 100% polyester fabric is waterproof and resists mildew. Plus, you can throw it in the washing machine. Easy-care bathroom decor is key to keeping a frequently-used space clean and fresh-looking, right?

Another advantage to having a waterproof shower curtain is that you don’t have to purchase a liner if you don’t want to. Liners can sometimes take up valuable space in small showers, plus they cost extra money.

Green Leaf Shower Curtain Specs:

  • Dimensions: 62″ wide x 78″ tall (other sizes available)
  • Material: 100% Polyester, Waterproof
  • Grommets: Metal, Rust-Resistant
  • Curtain Hooks Not Included
  • Model: #D-S00015
  • Get the Shower Curtain Here (for less than $25!)

Shower Curtain Hooks… with Green Leaves!

Shower Curtain Hooks: Ceramic Green LeavesAs I mentioned above, you don’t get shower hooks with this curtain. You can buy nice yet inexpensive rings for about $12, or I found this $15 set of (12) green leaf shower curtain hooks.

The multi-color ceramic leaves add even more class to your already sophisticated bathroom. In fact, they almost look handmade. With blue, green and brown coloring, they can look great with virtually any leaf-patterned shower curtain.

More Shower Curtains with Leaves…

Fading Ombre Green Leaf Shower CurtainLooking for more of a graphic print? This ombre leaf design also features white space at the top and fading green coloring as you move down the shower curtain. You can machine wash the waterproof (and mildew-resistant) polyester fabric, so it’s easy to keep clean.

The package does include a set of white plastic shower rings. However, you can easily class-up your shower by using metal or leaf shower hooks. And why not? This 72″ x 72″ curtain only costs about $16.

Interdesign makes a similar shower curtain with green leaves with the same fabric and dimensions.

Bamboo Style Green Leaf Shower CurtainAlternatively, you could go with a “Zen Garden” bamboo leaf shower curtain. It is made of PVC-free vinyl and measures 70″ wide x 72″ long.

Although it appears clear in the photo, you actually can’t see through this curtain. People like the opaque/frosted background for privacy, but the faded leaves in the background give this vinyl fabric a more upgraded look.

That said, keep in mind that this bamboo shower curtain only costs about $12. It’s definitely not high end, and it doesn’t have magnetic weights as the base to help the curtain hang straight.

By the way, if you want a palm leaf shower curtain for more of jungle look, check out this page.

This video below shares decorator strategies on how to decorate your space with green, grey and black. They are simple to do yet create a sophisticated look.

Tip: I particularly like spray painting cabinet hardware in a matte black finish. (Use a paint version with primer for better adhesion.) You could also do this with planters, mirror frames, bathroom accessories, light fixtures and more.