The Best Cactus Shower Curtain for …Small Bathrooms

Ready for a quick and cheap bathroom makeover? This fun cactus shower curtain features a desert-inspired theme while adding bursts of color to brighten your bathroom…

Polyester Cactus Shower Curtain

Whether you like desert scenery or you are looking for vintage-style artwork, there’s lots to like about this mural-sized piece of art. Plus, you can get it for only about $35.

Why I Like this Cactus Shower Curtain Design:

I like this shower curtain because it has both bright colors and a large amount of white space. Therefore, you can use it in a small bathroom without overpowering the space.

White Bathroom Reflects More Light and Can Make Small Bathroom Look LargerFor example, a white bathroom typically looks larger because it reflects more light. It also gives the space a less cluttered look.

The white background of the cactus shower curtain also reflects more light.

Plus, the opaque fabric offers privacy for the person showering.

Curtain Fabric is Safe & Easy to Keep Clean

Shower Curtain Hides a Messy ShowerThe polyester material means that you don’t need to buy an additional liner. (Another cost savings!) Plus, it doesn’t contain PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) like many vinyl curtains, because it is made with polyester.

Get ready for low maintenance because the polyester resists mold and mildew. This means a cleaner shower with less cleaning – if that makes sense. And, it dries faster.

Furthermore, if your shower is messy, simply pull the cactus curtain across to conceal the chaos!

Note: Although hooks come in the package, many customers think they are cheap and recommend getting curtain rings separately. You can get a set of 12 for about $5 that look nice and slide well.

Cactus Shower Curtain Specs:

  • Dimensions: Regular (69″ wide x 70″ tall), Long (69″ wide x 75″ tall), Extra Long (69″ wide x 84″ long)
  • Material: Polyester (Non-PEVA)
  • Hooks Included
  • Get the Shower Curtain Here

Alternatively, you can get a realistic photo-image cactus shower curtain like this one. This style adds more vibrant color, but may overwhelm a small bathroom (or make it appear even smaller).

Photo Image Cactus Shower Curtain

That said, if you’ve ever thought about decorating your home with pictures of cactuses, take a look at this page. It shows how to take a regular shower curtain and transform it into a giant wall mural very inexpensively.

More Cactus Shower Curtains:

What About a Bathroom Cactus?

Faux Cactus Plants for BathroomSpeaking of easy to keep clean, why not put a cactus in your bathroom (if you haven’t already)? Aside from air plants, this may be the most low-maintenance houseplant of all.

You can even buy faux cactus plants that look like real live plants. Yet, they add a contemporary, designer look to any country or shelf for only about $20.

Cactus Wall Hooks for Hanging TowelsOf course, cactus bathroom decor and accessories can help create a southwestern desert look without much cost or effort.

For example, I like the cast iron cactus wall hooks for hanging towels or minimalistic and modern cactus art prints. They match well with either cactus shower curtain above.