Feng Shui Bathroom Plants for Health, Wealth & Luck

Do you want to attract health, wealth or luck into your life through the Chinese interior design techniques? Feng shui bathroom plants are believed to create a positive energy flow in your home. (Plus they look cool and are low-maintenance!)

Feng Shui Bathroom Plants: Philodendron by Window and Bathtub
courtesy of www.rodalesorganiclife.com
Money Tree for Good Feng Shui

FengShuiforRealLife.com says that plants work well in bathrooms because they balance the space. They do this by soaking up excess water in a damp environment, which is healthy for the plant as well as the room itself.

Usually, we see Lucky Bamboo plants or Money Tree as part of Feng Shui design and decor. However, they list 9 more Feng Shui friendly houseplants that can help clean the air. Plus, some represent wealth and good luck!

These Feng Shui Bathroom Plants Include:

  • Philodendron (as shown in photo above)
  • Ficus Tree
  • English Ivy
  • Palm Tree
  • Peace Lily
  • Rubber Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Boston Fern
  • African Violets

Feng Shui Bathroom Colors

Green Feng Shui Bathroom with Plants

According to Feng Shui & Beyond, the color green elevates tranquility, purification, health and life. In addition, green works well in a bathroom because it creates a feeling of freshness.

Typically, people feel more calm in a green-colored environment. For this reason, bringing plants and the color green into a bathroom helps generate a feeling of relaxation.

Mini At-Home Spa with Feng Shui Design and Vertical Garden
courtesy of www.homedit.com

Do you want to create a mini at-home spa or a room where you can unwind and de-stress? Keep in mind these simple bathroom Feng Shui tips to make your decorating project a success…

1. Reduce Clutter

First of all, create a space and layout that is clutter-free. Hence, use hanging planters, vertical gardens or trees instead of pots. You don’t want your feng shui bathroom plants taking up lots of valuable counter space, right?

2. Increase Light

Secondly, incorporate light through windows, lighter shades of paint, mirrors and adequate lighting. In addition to reflecting light, mirrors can also make rooms look more spacious.

Not to mention, they make your foliage look twice as big. Therefore, you can use half as many feng shui plants in your bathroom and still achieve a noticeable effect.

3. Ventilate Well

Lastly, keep the room fresh and well-ventilated. As I mentioned above, moisture-loving plants can help with this because they essentially “drink up” the moisture in the air.

Do you want to add plants for bathroom feng shui, yet you don’t have much space? Check out pocket planters for creating indoor vertical wall gardens. They can create a very zen-like atmosphere without cluttering up your floor, countertops or window sills.